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Haight Ashbury 1968
Rodney, Haight Ashbury
Janis at the Fillmore
Rebel, Golden Gate Park
Young Woman in Park
Grateful Dead, Golden Gate Park
Linda, Haight Ashbury
Two Friends, Haight Street
Steve Miller 1967
Haight Street 1968
Couple in Park
Krishna Devotee 1967
Two Women from Atlanta, Haight Street
Eugene Pan Handle, Haight Ashbury
Laughing Hippies, Golden Gate Park

Press Release

For Immediate Release: 05/10/17

Elaine Mayes: Summer of Love June 10 – August 26, 2017

Joseph Bellows Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming solo exhibition, Summer of Love, by Elaine Mayes. The exhibition will open on June 10th and continue through August 26th, 2017. In addition to Mayes’ solo exhibition in the atrium gallery; a group Summer Selections exhibition will run concurrently.

Elaine Mayes: Summer of Love coincides with the 50th anniversary of the summer of love; a period of great social, cultural, and political change that brought together over 100,000 like-minded young people to San Francisco to usher in a new era.

The exhibition will feature Mayes’ intimate vintage black and white portraits of youth counterculture in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district during the late 1960’s. The photographs are compelling depictions that are at once specific to the individuals pictured, as well as definers of that age and era. They reveal a freedom of expression and camaraderie that was shared by a generation at odds with its current social ideals. Together with these images will be informal portraits of musicians and festivalgoers.

Mayes photographs from this series will also be on exhibit at the De Young Museum through August 20th, as part of their Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll.

Running concurrently with Summer of Love will be a group show featuring photographs from gallery artists.

Elaine Mayes is currently a Professor Emerita in the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Her photographs have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, de Young Museum and the Smithsonian Art Museum, among others.

She was the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Mayes' photographs are held within numerous museums collections, including: the J. Paul Getty Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Modern Art, Center for Creative Photography, and the George Eastman Museum.

To request further information or high resolution images please contact Joseph Bellows Gallery at Established in 1998, Joseph Bellows Gallery features rotating exhibitions of both vintage and contemporary photography, with a special interest in American work from the 20th Century. More information can be found at