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American Thorny Oyster, 2003
Cat's Paw Coral, 2005
Deer Antler Murex, 2003
Argonaut, 2005 toned cyanotype, 14 x 11 inches
Slate Penice Urchin, 2004
Giant Tun, 2004
Emperor's Slit Shell, 2003
Giant Clam, 2004
Regal Thorny Oyster, 2004
Violet Spider Conch, 2005
The Juonia, 2005
Saffron Murex, 2003
Rose-branch Murex, 2004
Glory-of-the-Sea Cone, 2004
Crown of Thorns, 2005
Porcupine Fish, 2005
Prince Rudolph's Blue Bird of Paradise, 2004
Great Spotted Kiwi, 2003
Little Egret, 2005
Purple Swamphen, 2005
Smew, 2005 cyanotype, 14 x 11 inches
Gray-Winged Trumpeter, 2004
Black Grouse, 2003
Quetzal, 2004 toned cyanotype with hand coloring, 14 x 11 inches
Cactus Wren, 2005

Press Release

We are pleased to present a selection from Laszlo Layton's series Cabinet of Curiosities and Pictorial Zoology.

His two series of natural history subjects visually borrow from 17th, 18th, and 19th century illuminated science and zoology books. These books were illustrated with artists' engravings, lithographs, and drawings of the specimens. Layton says, "What these illustrations may have lacked in scientific accuracy they more than made up for in artistic expression." The use of photography to document living creatures makes 20th century natural history books much more scientifically accurate, but Layton is inspired by the romantic charm of the earlier representations.

The artist attempts to recapture these old illustrations by using an old photographic process, vintage soft-focus lenses, and hand coloring. Many of the species Layton photographs are extinct, rare, exotic, and unfamiliar. His beautiful hand coloring illuminates the already beautiful subjects and lends an artistic interpretation of a scientific subject.

Layton's work is included in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and the International Wildlife Museum, Tucson, Arizona.

There will be an opening reception with the artist, November 17, 6-8 pm.