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Anthony Hernandez Beverly Hills
Lewis Baltz Park City, interior 33
Grant Rusk Glendale
Philip Melnick Los Angeles
Grant Mudford Los Angeles
George Tice Lexington Avenue, Passaic, NJ
John Schott untitled, from Route 66 Motels
Garry Winogrand New York City

Press Release

Bonhams, Los Angeles, located at 7601 W. Sunset Boulevard, six blocks east of Fairfax in West Hollywood, will be the site for Classic Photographs Los Angeles, a two-day photography fair featuring twenty-six dealers exhibiting 19th, 20th and 21st century photography.

Through their diverse inventories these gallerists exemplify what is best about the wide-ranging photographic medium: experience, expertise, and connoisseurship.

Masterworks, contemporary works, vernacular photographs, and photo books will be on offer in a range of prices accessible to every collector.