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Wayne Gudmundson and Stuart Klipper featured in the exhibition, On Place: Three Views of the Land

On Place exhibits the work of three of the Midwest’s most experienced photographers culminating in 45 images from their excursions along the region’s back roads, broad landscape, rivers, and small towns.

It is primarily a love of the land and the traditional film-based process of landscape photography that has brought these artists together time and again. On Place explores their combined experience of 140 years photographing the world’s places – the landscapes and the human influence on those lands. These works encourage viewers to consider the variation and scope of each photographer’s perspective as well as all of our individual experiences. As evidence of their individual visions, the exhibition features groupings of three photographs of the same subject, one by each photographer. Individually, all three photographers’ work can be found in the collections of many major museums, in publications, and in various television programs. Wayne Gudmundson resides in rural Minnesota, Stuart Klipper in Minneapolis, and Drake Hokanson in La Crosse, Wisconsin.