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George Tice and Andrew Wyeth: Parallel Visions  at the Farnsworth Art Museum

George Tice, Painted Lobster Buoys, Stonington, 1971.

Maine has a rich history of attracting artists captivated by the state’s natural beauty and the quiet ethos of her hard-working inhabitants.  Over a period of many decades, world-renowned photographer George Tice and artist Andrew Wyeth were drawn to Maine, enamored by Maine’s past and the present that speaks to a sense of timelessness and the enduring qualities of honor and dignity in an honest days’ work. Amid the often stark reality of circumstance yet without benefit of nostalgia or sentiment, both artists captured familiar scenes of everyday people, places and objects by virtue of their essential connectedness to environment that affords the viewer an intimate glimpse into their prospective worlds. George Tice and Andrew Wyeth:  From Mythos to Reality explores the unique vision of each artist through their depictions of those evocative parallel universes that captures both the symbolic myth of Maine and the reality we call home.