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Betty Hahn: One Picture Book Two

Nazraeli Press publishes Betty Hahn's Lone Ranger series as part of their new One Picture Book Two series,  a slightly larger, newly designed series of artist's books based on their recently completed One Picture Book series.

Two sets of four titles will be published each year. When complete, the series will be comprised of 100 books, each containing a signed original photograph.

Her extended series of images of the Lone Ranger, created in the 1970s, is one of her best known. During the decades since the work was made, the series has been broken up, with individual prints being acquired and held in collections across the country.  

One Picture Book Two #2 The Lone Ranger brings together a collection of some of the finest prints from Hahn’s Lone Ranger series and presents them in this limited edition book. Each copy of the book comes with a loose, signed original print created specially for their One Picture Book Two series.