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Windansea Beach, 2008, giclée print, 32 x 40 inches
Windansea Beach, 2008, giclée print, 32 x 40 inches

Press Release


BILL RASTETTER: Seascapes June 19 - July 2010 Opening Reception: June 19th (5-8 pm)

Joseph Bellows Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of San Diego photographer, Bill Rastetter. BILL RASTETTER: Seascapes will be on view from June 19 - July 2010 and will be held in our Rancho Santa Fe gallery. An opening reception with Bill Rastetter will be held on Saturday, June 19th (5 – 8 pm).

Rastetter's work explores familiar landscape to unexpected effect. His contemplative imagery captures more than an isolated moment in time; rather it offers a window on the emotion of sea and sky. Focusing on the horizon line, the elemental nexus that connects two worlds, Rastetter's work is a meditation on ever-evolving oceanic mood. By turns brooding and benevolent, serene and faintly ominous, Rastetter's landscapes are dynamic, shifting and seemingly alive.

Using time-lapse photography (with exposures ranging from 1 to 11 minutes) and 4 x 5 inch or 60 x 120 cm color transparency, Rastetter works in subtle abstraction, creating images that often bear a resemblance to watercolor painting. Printing the images on watercolor paper using the giclée process serves to enhance this soft yet vibrant otherworldly effect; capturing views of the landscape that exist beyond normal temporal perception.

This exhibition will be in our Rancho Santa Fe location. A portion of the proceeds from opening night sales will benefit the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society.

Joseph Bellows Gallery 16904 Via de Santa Fe Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091 adjacent to the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society)